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| by Dalia Hosny

Seven Benefits of Jumping Rope Exercise

Remember the days where we all used to take part in jumping ropes contests? Good days, ha? It's about time to bring back the good old days, because you'll be amazed by the endless benefits of the jumping rope exercise. Let me share with you only seven of them.

1. While doing the jumping rope exercise, your blood pressure and heart rate are at their best state. 

2. The upper as well as your lower muscles will be perfectly toned if you maintain a weekly habit of the jumping rope exercise.

3. Wait, did I mention that 10 minutes of jumping the rope can have the exact health advantages as a 45 minute run? (According to British Rope Skipping Association)

4. Turning the rope during the workout is a perfect way to burn fat in both your arms and shoulders.

5. You don't actually need anything but a jumping rope, some good music and a nice sports bra.

6. While jumping a rope, the muscles of your entire body are affected, which makes it a great stretching exercise too.

7. Oh, did you know that jumping a rope for an hour can burn almost 1400 calories? Here you go.

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