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| by Zeina Tawfik

Simple Exercises to Do at the Office

The majority of people spend their day stuck at their desks in front of a computer for their '9-to-5' jobs, which would definitely drain their energy as soon as they finish work. Don't let this routine get to you, sitting for many hours during the day might cause you headaches, backaches, eyestrain and general muscle pain. Avoid such issues by taking a few moments every now and then to do a little activity, you can even exercise while you work, right at your very own cubicle. Not only will you be more healthy, but also you will maintain your concentration and be more productive. If your work requires you to be at your desk all day long, here are simple exercises that you can do at the office. 

1. Stretch

We're talking here about basic stretching, not going all out. White sitting on your chair, stretch your arms, shoulders, wrists, legs, ankles, neck and torso. This will lessen your muscle's tension and strain.

2. Walk

Every half an hour to hour, get up and walk for a couple of moments. Go and deliver that message to your colleague instead of calling or sending an email. Walking will help with your blood circulation and will avoid any numbness in your limbs.

3. Take the Stairs
If you work somewhere where you have to take the elevator between floors, the use the stairs instead. 

4. Fitness Ball
Trade in your office chair for the fitness ball for an hour or two during the day. A fitness ball will help you have a better posture and will tone your core muscles, you can even use it to do wall squats if your office space allows that.

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