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| by Nada Allam

Six Benefits of Running

There is nothing better than blasting on some good music and heading out for a run. Running your heart out, forgetting about everything; an unstoppable feeling. It is just you, your sneakers and your thoughts for the next 45 minutes or so. Running is not just great way to exercise, it has a lot of other benefits. Let's start reading the Benefits of Running:

1. One of the amazing Benefits of Running is that it can relive stress, not just emotional, but also physical stress on your body. Running means releasing all that built up tension, and loosening up any cramps you may have in your body. If you are feeling down, a run is the best way to boost your mood, sending endorphins to your brain.

2. Benefits of Running for lose weight: Help you lose weight is another benefit of running. Weight loss is of course part of the exercising package. Running burns around 1000 calories in an hour and keeps your entire body toned. 

3. Benefits of Running for confidence: Boost your confidence. When you run regularly, you will begin to set yourself some goals and challenges. As you achieve them, you will be proud of your accomplishments, you might even begin to join in on marathons. 

4. Shape your body. Toned bodies look great with clothes. You will see a noticeable difference in how your jeans fit, and your clothes looking great on you. 

5. Improve your heart health, one of the many benefits of running. Running will improve blood flow circulation, and reduce chances of heart risks.

6. Of the most important benefits of running is that it can strengthen your immune system. You are less likely to be prone to colds etc… Also you will notice how balanced your lifestyle is, especially with your eating and sleeping cycles.

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