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| by Nada Allam

What to Eat Before a Workout? Snack Ideas to Try Out

I am no doctor, however, I am a curious person, so I do quite a lot of research. I always think about what to eat before I workout, and the only food I know of is bananas, because I saw it in a movie. But, what if I don't have bananas, what else can I eat to give my body that needs a boost before my workout? And so, I decided to save you ladies the trouble, do the research, and form a list of snacks that you could eat before your workout

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Tips for snacks before a workout:

- It is better to eat around 30-90 min before you exercise. If you're going to be having something heavy, that's not just a simple snack, the body could need more time before you start the workout. 

- Go for something that has carbs and protein. This is a good type of snack especially carbs. Why?

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- Carbs give energy and fuel for exercise. They make sure the body have enough glucose during a workout. 

- Try to reduce before a workout the consumption of milk, warm fluids, high fat and fiber foods because they could disturb the stomach.

- Generally try to go for options that are the easiest to digest.

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What to eat before a workout:

1. First of all, like we said before, you should know that carbs are a gym's best friend, and also fruits will give you that extra kick of energy.

2. If you are a runner, bananas are the best food to eat before you head out for a run. 

3. Fruit juices or fruit smoothies serve as great snacks before your workout. However, be sure to drink them at least 30 minutes before your workout.

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4. Pretzels or bagels are great fast digesting carbohydrates to snack on before your workout.

5. If you want to munch on an energy bar, make sure the ingredients contain protein, carbs and very little fat. 

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6. If you're planning on doing some weights, go for proteins like nuts or a hard-boiled egg. 

7. Cereal! Make sure to emphasize on the carbs right before your workout. 

8. A cup of coffee before your workout is okay, it will give your workout a great push.

9. Yogurt, especially the ones with a fruit base are a great pre-workout snack. 

10. A combination of oatmeal and fresh fruit will keep you hydrated, and will release sugar into your bloodstream as you workout. Oats release carbohydrates slowly, so they keep the level of energy consistent during your exercise. Avoid things like instant oats and go for a type of oats that isn't too processed.

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11. Go for two table spoons of raisins. 

12. Apples are a great pre-workout snack. Their sugar load is moderate, and is filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You can also have it with a small amount of nut butter.

13. Also try berries, like cherries, raspberries or blueberries. They can help prevent cell damage because they have antioxidants.

14. Greek yogurt is also a good option, along with some fruit.

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15. And last but not least, water. It is important to hydrate the body before a workout because when the body is dehydrated, the energy's low and you can get cramps and spasms in the muscles.     

You should also keep in mind that drinking way too much water can be harmful, so you can do 2 cups 2 or 3 hours before the workout, and then another cup around 15 minutes before you start.  During the workout, have a cup every 15 minutes or so, especially if it's an intense workout. 

However, every body is different and needs different things so you might want to try and test what you find to be the most comfortable and helpful for you. 

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