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| by Nada Allam

The Truth Behind the Most Common Workout Myths

There is a lot of talk and misconceptions about workouts, and frankly speaking, we just can't listen to every opinion out there; we need to know the facts. So, after some extensive research, I have decided to narrow it down for you and debunk myths about workouts that we all probably believed all our lives

Myth 1: Lifting heavy weights will bulk you up. 

Wrong! Don't be afraid ladies to lift those weights and tone your arms. It takes a precise workout regiment and diet to bulk up your arms and body from weights. However, lifting your regular weights every other day will just tone your arms and strengthen your muscles. 

Myth 2: You shouldn't eat before your workout. 

If you think that you will burn more fat because you did not eat before your workout, you are widely mistaken. Not eating before a workout is actually a huge health hazard, as you need a quick boost before heading out to your workout. Here is an article of what to eat before your workout.

Myth 3: No pain, no gain. 

Just because you did not experience any source of pain during your workout, doesn't mean it wasn't an effective one. However, if you are feeling a lot of pain during your workout, you are probably doing something wrong. For example, experiencing horrible back pain when lifting weights. There is no shame in stopping and resting. 

Myth 4: If you don't sweat, you didn't workout enough.

If you are judging your workout by your sweat, then do us both a favor and just stop, because it is possible to burn a lot of calories without breaking a sweat.

Myth 5: Running on a treadmill is bad for your joints. 

According to recent studies, running on a treadmill is actually more gentle on your joints, as you are running on a padded surface, rather than a rough pavement. The only drawback to treadmills, is that you are confined to stay indoors and within a certain frame. 

Myth 6: A warm bath will relieve muscle soreness. 

Nope, absolutely not. If you notice in the movies, athletes soak their bodies in a tub of ice. This acts as an ice pack for your body, and will eliminate soreness. Just go for a cold bath instead of a tub of ice.

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