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| by Jasmine Kamal

There are 9 Kinds of Vaginas and You Should Love Yours

Yes the title can be a little shocking, maybe a little intriguing, but the fact of the matter is, it is what it is. You’ve probably caught yourself, asking yourself, is the shape of your vagina normal right? Lots and lots of questions on girls minds come up about vaginas, and the incessant stereotyping of women’s bodies definitely does not help. We just want to say not all women are created the same, from their hair types to their vagina types. We talked before about the different breast shapes, so we thought it was only necessary to talk about the different shapes of vaginas. 

What are the different shapes of a woman’s vagina? 

Well, based on studies, there are 9 kinds of vaginas that have been discovered over the years, and that’s what we are going to be talking about. 

Remember: Whatever you vagina looks like, it’s totally natural and unique and you should be proud of it and your body; it’s YOUR BODY! 

A Woman’s Vagina: 9 Totally Natural Shapes

So, when we are talking about vaginas, we’re basically referring to the shape and size of the inner and outer lips of the vagina, the size of the clitoris and the color of the vagina. You will find that all forms of the vagina are basically dependent on these factors. 

1.Vaginas with an asymmetric inner labia

If the inner labia is a different shape than the other, such as being longer or thicker, it is considered an asymmetric vagina. This is a very common form or type among most women. 


2. Symmetrical Vaginas

With this type of vagina, the outer labia of the vagina are the same size as the inner labia. With symmetrical vaginas, it’s difficult to see the inner blades because they are hidden under the outer blades. 


3.Vagina with open blades

With this type of vagina, the outer labia of the vagina is flat and resting on the pubic bones, and at the same time slightly spaced, allowing the inner labia to appear. 


4.Vagina with closed blades 

Unlike the pervious type, here the outer blades are very close together, which makes it appear closed and thus completely conceals the inner blades, The vagina with closed blades is a type that is quite uncommon. 


5.Vagina with large/small clitoris 

While it’s common to determine the vagina by the shape and size of the blades, sometimes the clitoris is also a factor. In some cases, the size of the clitoris is as large as the size of a thumb and is more sensitive. While in on other cases, the clitoris is as small as the size of a pea. Whatever the size of the clitoris, it doesn’t matter, it’s just another type of vagina. 


6.Vagina with curved outer lips

In this figure, the outer lips take the shape of an inverted horseshoe, or in other words the shape of semicircular curve. The right blade is the same size and length as the left blade, and they meet at the end equally. In most cases, the inner blades are exposed and not covered. 


7.Vagina with prominent inner lips 

With this type of vagina, the inner lips are longer than the outer lips and protrude from the outside. They can even hang down an inch or more past the outer lips. This type of vagina is easily noticeable and can be evident if you wear pants that are too tight. 


8.Vagina with prominent outer lips 

The protruding outer lips drop well below the vulva. The skin may be thick and swollen, or thin and slightly loose, and it may sag a little outside your underwear, so make sure to go for underwear with a wide space area from the bottom, so your vagina can rest comfortably.


9.Brown or dark vaginas

No woman has a full on pink vagina! There is a common misconception passed down by women, that the correct color of the vagina should be pink. But, that’s not true. Doctors have confirmed that a bright pink vagina can be a sign of an infection. Most vagina colors tend to be light brown and even dark. The color of the vagina varies from woman to woman. 


If you made it this far in the article, you must have noticed that are many different shapes and types of vaginas, and they are all 100% natural. Remember to never put yourself under pressure of a female body stereotype, that is full of misinformation and the furthest thing from the truth. 

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