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| by Dalia Hosny

What to Eat After Your Workout to Gain Muscles or Lose Weight

The food you eat after your workout could truly make or break the effort you just did. As much as the snacks you eat before your workout are crucial, it's also very important to pay extra attention to what you eat after your workout so you don't make all the sweat go to waste!

After your workout, your body is heated up and in the mood to recover. It has lost many calories and burnt so many fats, and that's why you need to fill it up wisely. However, it all depends on what you're looking for, because losing weight and gaining muscles require different types of food.

1. Foods to eat after a workout to keep you toned

If you're longing to lose weight, make sure to stay away from foods that are rich in carbs and sugar. During your workout, your body burns out all the carbs from your pre-workout meal. That's exactly why you should supply your body with proteins and vegetables, as they're easier to digest. They include (images below):

Grilled chicken, meat or salmon

- Fruit salad

- Classic salad or chicken Caesar salad

- Yoghurt with oatmeal

- Tuna sandwich with brown bread

2. Foods to eat after a workout to gain muscles 

If you're looking for ways to gain muscles, the foods you should eat after your workout should be filled with healthy unsaturated fats, which will help you rebuild the fats around your muscles. They include (images below):

- Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana

- Yoghurt with cinnamon, almonds and mixed nuts

- Sweet potatoes

- Apples with almond/peanut butter

- Scrambled eggs

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