Having amazing breasts is something all women would love, regardless of their shape and size, and there are a few tricks we have up our sleeves and easy ways to make your breasts look amazing.

1. Sleep on your back

Try to sleep as often as you can on your back at night to avoid developing wrinkles on your breasts. Sleeping on them could allow wrinkles to appear faster.

2. Massages aren't weird!

Massaging your breasts regularly helps enhance their shape, size and overall look, just like our skin. Don't be shy and give it a try! We recommend you massage your breasts right after having a shower, it'll do wonders.

3. Use moisturizer

Applying moisturizer or oils to your breasts regularly, whether it's after you've had a shower or on a daily basis will help keeping them soft and your skin glowing.

4. A healthy blood circulation

The best way to keep your breasts firm and amazing is to apply warm and then cold water while you're having a shower

5. They're called push-ups for a reason!

Of course everyone knows the power of the perfectly fitted push-up bra. If you'd like to have amazing looking breasts, even if you're not showing cleavage, you might want to go for a magical push-up bra.

6. Hello bronzer

If you're wearing a dress or a top that's showing some cleavage, apply a shimmery bronzer, which would look great when the light reflects off your chest. Here's how you can make your own bronzer at home!

7. The right one?

Women out there, listen up! Most of us are wearing the wrong bra and that only results in having your breasts look awkward or not their best. Make sure you try on different bras at home to know which one works best for you. It has to be a right mix of comfortable and giving your breasts the perfect shape. We'll talk about that in more details later on.

8. Keep it straight!

We've noticed that most women out there don't keep their backs straight, which results in not only a terrible posture but also affects how our breasts look. Keep it straight and be proud!

9. Are you working out?

There are tons of workouts out there that help keep your breasts firm and in great shape. Make sure you include them in your daily or even weekly workout routine and you'll notice the difference with time.

10. C's and D's

If your cup size if more than a B, meaning C or D, then it's recommended to wear a sports-bra or soft-bra at home whenever you can to avoid saggy breasts. However, it's preferable that you take it off while sleeping. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @intimissimiofficial