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10 Things Chamomile Tea Does to Your Health and Beauty

Dalia Hosny
1/20/15, 12:00 AM

Have you ever thought of the things chamomile tea does to your health and beauty? This tiny little flower called chamomile has so much to offer when it comes to your well-being! Do you want to know why you shouldn't skip a cup of chamomile tea every day? Here are the 10 things chamomile tea does to you health and beauty...

Health benefits of chamomile tea

1. Chamomile tea is known as the best tea that can make you relax and put you in the mood to sleep. No wonder why chamomile tea is commonly known as 'night-time' tea.

2. Another benefit of chamomile tea, is that it can boost your immunity in a great way! Having a cup of chamomile tea every day protects you from so many diseases, including cancer.

3. Are you suffering from a stomachache or an ulcer? Then chamomile tea is the best remedy for you. If your stomach is in pain, chamomile tea will relief it from cramps and any discomfort.

4. In addition to lemon and honey water, chamomile tea can work its magic to soothe your throat and fight flu.

5. In case you spent a long time tanning and ended up with a sun burn, a cup of chamomile tea can reduce the inflammation and cool down your skin.

6. Tired from a long day at work? A cup of chamomile tea can aid in relaxing your muscles, which makes your headache go away.

Beauty benefits of chamomile tea

7. If you're suffering from puffy eyes in the morning, make sure to place two cold and wet tea bags of chamomile tea on your eyes, to reduce both darkness and soreness. 

8. The thing I love the most about chamomile tea, is that it can act as a natural bleach for dark hair. If you combine henna with chamomile oil, you could naturally have your hair one shade lighter.

9. Because sometimes anti-dandruff shampoos don't work perfectly, try to wash your hair with chamomile tea as it can eliminate dandruff and calm down your scalp.

10. Another thing chamomile tea can do to your skin, is leaving it fresh and free of acne. A cup of chamomile tea will not only moisturize your skin, but also it can also get rid of annoying pimple marks.


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