Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, correct? However, if given the chance to sleep in an extra five minutes, or get up and have breakfast, which would you choose? I for one would choose the sleep, and will gladly take a to-go cup, fill it with coffee and head off to work. That isn't the healthiest way though to start the day, and eventually, by mid-day I begin to feel woozy, hungry and wish I had a proper meal in the morning. In an effort not to give up those 10 precious minutes of extra sleep, I decided to compose a list of healthy breakfast ideas and breakfast smoothies, that also can be done quite fast. 

before scrolling through the ideas just bear in mind that whatever breakfast you decide to choose, whether from this list or not it has to include one or more of these complements:

Whole grains as whole-grain rolls and bagels, hot or cold whole-grain cereals, all sorts of whole wheat bakery goods
Lean protein as eggs, lean meat, legumes, and nuts.
Low-fat dairy as milk, plain or low-sugar yogurts, and low-fat cheeses, such as cottage cheese and natural cheeses.
Fruits and vegetables as fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, 100 percent juice drinks without added sugar, and fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Breakfast ideas on the go

1.Fruit salad.

2. Oatmeal.

3. Peanut-butter sandwich with bananas.

4. Raisin Bran Corn flakes with strawberries and bananas.

5. Salmon cream cheese bagel.

6. Grapefruit.

7. Brown bread/toast and cheese sandwich. 

8. Raspberries and Yogurt combined.

9. Whole wheat and cinnamon pancakes

10. Granola bar and milkshake.

11. Avocado toast.

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Lazy Days

Breakfast smoothies 

12. Banana and oats smoothie

13. Avocado protein shake

14. Dates milkshake

15. Kiwi fruit smoothie

These 3 Energy-Filled Smoothies Are the Healthiest Way to Start Your Day

 Healthy breakfast ideas for kids

16. Low sugar cereal

17. Sweet potatoes

18. Whole-grain muffins

19.  Boiled eggs

20. Oats-banana cookies

Main image credits: The live in kitchen