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13 of the Best Egyptian Fitness Stars You Have to Follow on Instagram

Fustany Team
5/4/20, 12:00 AM

You might think that famous fitness stars who are on Instagram, are only promoting their brands and sponsors. However, you’ll reconsider this thought after knowing how much they achieved, and how hard they work to inspire more people to workout and to start living a better and a healthier life. So to cut the story short, here are 13 of the best Egyptian fitness stars you have to follow on Instagram.

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1. Shereen ElBaz

The young lady behind Woman Up and The Mala. She is a fitness enthusiast who will provide you with multiple fitness field choices. She’s not only a pole fitness instructor, she’s also a Pilates and Aerial Yoga instructor. Shereen ElBaz’s Instagram account will definitely inspire you to woman up.

2. Abdelrahman Abdullah

Abdelrahman Abdullah, or as his friends call him Cavio, is originally a pharmacist; he is also the founder of Hit Egypt. His account will definitely motivate you to adopt a fitter lifestyle.

3. Dalya Darwish

Dalya Darwish won the “Fittest Woman in Egypt” title in 2015, 2016, 2018, 2020! This woman is a true representation of strength and an inspiration to many women seeking a stronger and healthier body. She’s also a member of the “CrossFit Stars in Egypt” family.

4. Ramy Saleh

Coach Ramy is the “CrossFit Stars” founder; he is actually the first to bring CrossFit to Egypt. His account will motivate you to change your lifestyle to the better. He posts a lot of in inspirational and motivating words. He's also recently been discussing a lot of important topics regarding mental health and how to battle these issues. 

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5. Farah Ehsan

Farah is all about functional yoga practices that you can do yourself at home. Her videos are joy to watch, calming and easy to follow. She also does specific posts of practices for headaches, immunity, neck pain and so on...

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6. Hassan Gabr

Hassan Gabr is always wearing a big smile and ready to lift heavy weights. This CrossFit trainer’s Instagram account is for foodies and people who like to lift. Quite a combination! He is also the founder of Gorilla Inc. and was Egypt’s Fittest Man (35+) in 2016.

7. Nermeen Wahby

Nermeen Wahby is a coach at BeFit and specialist in fitness nutrition. She will help you with healthy food choices, along with some serious fitness inspiration. Her Instagram account is for the ones looking for encouragement to lead a healthy lifestyle.

8. Aly Mazhar

The man behind BeFit Egypt and a Nike coach, and the man many people seek, to get in shape and to change their lifestyle into a healthier one. Aly Mazhar tries to inspire and encourage people every day to work out by posting some pictures of himself performing some exercises. He’s also very proud of his athletes and his BeFit coaches.

9. Farah Nofal

Farah is a movement and health coach. She's a Yoga teacher and founder of Yogi Things Mats. Her Instagram account is full of inspiration from beautiful poses to nutritious meals. Her instagram page is bright and open, so it will definitely put a smile on your face.

10. Hussein Abdeldaym

Founder and technical director of Ignite Egypt and the country's first performance specialist, this man trains big names, from the Egyptian national football team to international athletes. Proud of opening his new fitness facility, you’ll find Hussein Abdeldayem posting pictures of his team, his athletes, and some fitness techniques.

11. Aya El Kolaly

Aya el Kolaly's Instagram is a bright and inspiring place to be. She's originally a fitness junkie but has found love for Yoga as well. She posts about her practice, but she's also a fashion designer and founder of the brand Cuckoo.

12. Yara Zoheiry

Yara Zoheiry is a certified fitness trainer with an inspiring and positive Instagram account. She posts simple workouts that you can easily do at home.

13. Rowana Badry

Rowana is all about nutrition. She's a specialist in fitness nutrition and a certified fitness instructor. She also creates customized nutrition and workout programs. She posts a lot of fitness inspiration and delicious healthy meals.

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