Finding the Perfect Bra
Fustany Team
10/6/12, 12:00 AM

We know how hard and frustrating it can be to find a comfortable bra that fits perfectly. And who can give us better tips than K-Lynn's own Tiffany Karam? Here are Karam's top five tips that will definitely make every woman's life a lot easier.

WHAT LIES BENEATH MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE: A properly fitted bra can change the way your clothes fit you. The right bra size can make you look slimmer and will give you the right support in the right places. A good way to point out good support is to look at your profile in the mirror: your bust should fall halfway between your shoulder and your elbow. If it falls lower, come in for a bra fitting and we promise you’ll leave “uplifted”!

DO A LITTLE DANCE, SHIMMY INTO YOUR BRA: While putting on your bra, bend over and allow your bust to fall naturally into the cups. When you stand back up, always reposition your bust within the cup to ensure it is the right fit.

NO SPILLS, GAPS OR POKES: Most women make the mistake of wearing a cup size too small, thinking it gives them cleavage as it pushes the bust upwards. This will only result in spilling over the cups. The right fit can still give you the plunging neckline you need, without the “double-busting”. Mind the gap and make sure the center of your bra lies flat against your chest, if not you’ll need to check your cup size. And finally, prevent the underwire from poking your delicate breast tissue. 

PUT YOUR HANDS UP IN THE AIR: The best test is to raise your arms up: the bra should stay firmly in place without riding up with you.

LOVE THE BRA YOU'RE WEARING: You’ll come to love your bras when you’re fitted into the right size. Wearing a properly fitted bra is a good investment into your overall posture as well, as you’ll stand taller and walk with confidence. A good rule of thumb to building a lingerie wardrobe is to always have one to wear, one to wash and one to rest. To protect your investment, you should always hand wash your lingerie and lay flat to dry. 
Ladies, if you couldn't find the right bra yet, we recommend you check out K-Lynn's Star Bras and don't forget to follow Tiffany Karam's tips when picking one. Whether you're looking for an everyday bra, full support or a wardrobe solution, one of the Star Bras will be your answer. 

Our three picks are the Wacoal Good-up bra that gives the perfect push-up effect. It closes from the front not to mention looks very pretty with the lace and Swarovski crystals. The Chantelle Pure Memory Foam T-Shirt bra is an excellent choice for lower necklines. And last but not least, the U-Plunge bra will solve any evening wear dilemma as it is designed especially for dresses and evening gowns. What's your pick?

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