Do you feel that you're lacking energy or need some refreshment? Never underestimate the power of food. Replace your daily cup of coffee with some delicious food that can boost your energy all day long and take that fatigue away. Few changes can do magic!

1. Dates: Imagine this little thing can have all the vitamins your body can actually need? The tiny fruit can have more potassium and magnesium than an apple or a banana. Dates contain crucial amino acids that help in better digestion, that's why it's the best fruit to break your fast with during Ramadan.

2. Bananas: Bananas can be the perfect snack during a very hectic day. Vitamin C and fibers in bananas can provide you with power enough to make it through your day or between meals. 

3. Watermelon: Who doesn't love watermelon? This summery water-filled fruit can keep your body hydrated all day. Watermelon contains potassium and fructose that has the ability to boost your energy right away.

4. Sweet Potatoes: This food has the biggest buzz when it comes to boosting energy. Potatoes can keep you alert for hours! Apparently sweet potatoes are considered energy food. It's loaded with carbohydrates, it's tasty and can work as a healthier alternative than french fries. 

5. Honey: Replace your favorite energy drink with a spoonful of honey. Yes, honey acts as an instant energizer to your body. You can easily add it to your morning cup of yogurt or spread it on fruits as a post-workout meal.