Any of us can face a lazy day at work, which leaves us thinking, how to avoid sleepiness at work? Having an office job make you spend lots of hours on your office desk, which can definitely leave you sleepy. Being sleepy during work hours, is one of the things that can hinder your productivity, leaving you frustrated all day long! If you want to boost your energy and become more motivated at the office, here's how to avoid sleepiness at work...

1. Your constant urge to sleep while sitting on your office desk is directly related to not having enough sleep during night. Make sure to sleep from 7 to 8 hours every night, in order to feel energized and constantly refreshed. When your body gets the sufficient amount of sleep, your productivity reaches its maximum! 

2. Try to workout every morning, as it keeps you active all day long.

3. Make sure to have breakfast every day, as it gives your body the necessary energy to make it through the day. Induce carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits and protein to have a healthy well balanced meal

4. Whenever you feel sleepy at work, make sure to switch the task you're working on immediately. Working on one task for a long time will make you feel more and more sleepy.

5. If you still feel sleepy during your day at the office, then try to have a cup of coffee towards mid-day, which could leave you more awake. However, try to avoid having too much coffee, so you don't harm your body and nervous system.