The oldest sweetener on earth, the purest of them all, and always one of the healthiest options! Honey is certainly a golden treat, and here are five great ways to use it.

1. In tea instead of sugar

Sugar normally goes through a manufacturing process, which might not be the healthiest option. Replace your tablespoon of sugar with one of honey. The glucose and fructose in honey are naturally made by bees from flowers. If you are considered with watching your weight and staying fit, then honey should be your first option as a sweetener.

2. Facial Scrub

Include honey in your beauty resolutions as its benefits are simply endless. Not only can you use it for you hair, but also it has a magnificent ability to cleanse and exfoliate your face and skin as well. Honey works as a remedy for acne, red spots, wrinkles and it softens dry skin too. Mix honey with lemon and let the mixture work its magic on your face for 30 minutes. It will leave your skin glowing.

3. Energy booster

Honey is known to have certain beneficial antioxidants and antimicrobial properties that give your body an instant energy boost. Nonetheless, one tablespoon of honey contains vitamins and bacteria that can help in digestion. No wonder why athletes are advised to have a tablespoon of honey before their daily workouts. 

4. Reduce cough and throat problems

Since winter is approaching, a daily tablespoon of pure honey can cure your dry throat or non-stop coughing. Wondering why honey is the best natural cough medicine? Honey coats your throat and calms it while fighting the bacteria. Add a tablespoon of honey to your hot cup of tea and squirt lemon on it. This hot drink will soothe your throat right away.

5. Heal burns

Honey is known as one of the fast and effective ways to kiss your burn wounds away. It has been scientifically proven that honey contains certain bacteria that can heal ulcers or sunburn. Add a mini jar of honey to your first aid kit at home, apply it moderately on your wound or ulcer and it will immediately absorb all the fluids that may cause infections.

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