Two of Fustany's Team members decided to try a Zumba class. Here is how their experiences went:

Laila Kenawi: I had heard about Zumba and was eager to find out what all the fuss was about. So I found a dance studio that provided Zumba classes and convinced one of my friends to tag along and try it out. When we arrived, there was already a huge group of people warming up and getting ready for the class. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect, but from what I’d heard it sounded pretty awesome. Everyone was right, it was the best exercise you could possibly think of. The instructor went through all of the steps with us first and we got the hang of it pretty quickly. What I liked about it the most, is that you didn’t have to be a good dancer to follow the dance steps, all you needed was concentration and positive energy. A plus, was also the fun choreography and energetic Zumba music. I was having so much fun that I forgot, I wasn’t only working out but also burning calories. It’s a small workout with a huge impact on the long run. So if you’re looking for an easy workout that combines dance and exercise together, Zumba is the answer. I would definitely do it again and would advise you to be as hyperactive as possible to fit in with the Zumba vibe.

Nada Allam : Zumba! The word alone makes you want to bust a move. Hearing a lot about how Zumba is a fun toning sport, I decided to give it a shot. I showed up to the studio 10 minutes early so I can get a good spot, only to notice that 20 other girls did the exact same thing. You can feel the enthusiasm and the excitement, women standing around in their colorful trainers, holding their bottles of water ready to dance the night away. The music plays and we walk into the room, the instructor is there already moving and shaking her body, honestly you just can't not move watching her and listening to the beat. The first song was Gangnam style, the girls went crazy, cheers and high fives as we got into position to begin the dance. We didn't do the famous gangnam style dance per say, the instructor added a lot more dance moves, which involved more shaking, jumping and twisting. It's true what they say about Zumba, it is an extremely fun sport, you forget that it's a work out, and just keep dancing. You twist your body so much, by the middle of the session I began to feel extremely achey. Zumba focuses on a lot of your muscles and tones your body in ways you never thought possible. Since this is a season where we will be wearing a lot of swimsuits, I would recommend all you lovely ladies to go do some Zumba. Abs, toned legs and muscles never looked better.