Ever wondered if your feelings are affecting how you physically feel? Indeed they do.

Make a small observation; whenever you feel sad or depressed, you get more ill, and you whine about how sick you've always become. On the opposite side, when you’re happy, you feel better and your health seems improved.

I investigated, and here are some facts about how happiness affects your health.

1. Being happy keeps you healthy by keeping your heart strong and protected from heart diseases.

2. Happiness keeps you healthy by maintaining a smooth running digestive system. This makes you feel light!

3. When you're happy, you're almost  stress-free. This results in more relaxed muscles and a healthier spine.

4. If you're happy, then you're helping yourself sleep better at night. Because you’re an optimistic person, you got nothing to worry about or stay up all night for.

5. Being happy keeps you healthy by keeping your skin acne free. Depression and stress mess up with your hormones, and eventually harms your skin with ace and inflammation.

6. What else happens to your health when you're happy? You're full of positive energy, that eventually helps you be a productive and positive person.

7. Can being happy help you catch less flu bugs? Absolutely yes! Being happy increases your body's immunity.

8. Happiness is an easy remedy for headaches! When you're happy, your body releases an endorphin that can relieve migraine pain.

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