If you think that having a Victoria’s Secret model figure is enough, then you’re probably wrong. Looking good and feeling good is more than shredding a few kilos or dressing well. A good posture is the key to really looking good and feeling good.

Learning how to have a good posture can improve your self-confidence, how people will perceive you as a person and improve your overall appearance.

First thing I would like to explain, is what defines a good posture? A good posture is having your back in a straight position, your shoulders squared, your chin up, your chest out and your stomach in. Now let’s explore how you can have a good posture in six easy steps.

1. First thing you need to do to have a good posture, is to strengthen your upper body muscles. You need to regularly make chest exercises. Push-ups and yoga are perfect for improving your body posture.

2. What you need to do next to have a good posture, is to start reminding yourself every day and every hour that you have to suck in your stomach. This technique helps you straighten your back, as your stomach supports your back.

3. When standing or sitting down waiting for something, place your hands behind your back, cross them and make your hands touch your elbows. Some stretching will remind you that you need to keep your back straight to feel better.

4. Another tip to help you have a good posture, is to always try to stand on the balls of your feet. This will help you maintain your back straight and your chest out.

5. If you spend too many hours working on a desk, take standing breaks. It's a simple step, but it will definitely help you have a good posture. 

6. Believe it or not, walking with books on your head like you see in the movies every day for a few minutes is actually an exercise.  And it’s a great exercise to maintain a straight body posture.