Working out and having your boobs bouncing is not a very flattering sight; I assume. A sports bra is just as important as your workout gear and running shoes. The perfect sports bra is the one that provides comfort, support and confidence to you and your body. I'll be telling you all what you need to know about how to pick your sports bra, so you can workout in style and with no worries. 

Things you should know about sports bras:

. A sports bra is designed to firmly hold up your breasts so it's easier for you to move around while exercising and running. 

. A sports bra comes usually without a cup, and if there's one, it will be very thin almost invisible. 

. A sports bra is usually made of cotton, nylon or polyester elastic materials so you can exercise in comfort. 

. A sports bra is designed differently than normal bras as the cross-back wide straps are designed to maintain and secure your breasts while running exercising.

How to pick a sports bra?

Picking your sports bra depends on your working out habits and the intensity of your exercise. If your exercise is hardcore and very intense like CrossFit or Insanity, then you will definitely need pick a firm sports bra with extra wide cross-back and shoulder straps to maintain full control of you breasts. It should also completely cover your cleavage area so you don't distract the boys at the gym. If you're going for a walk or a yoga class, then a pick a soft cotton sports bra with a V-cut should be your pick.