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Six Bad Habits That Make You Gain Weight

Sara Khalil
2/15/15, 12:00 AM

Are you following a strict diet but you've noticed that you're not losing weight? This is probably because of the bad habits that make you gain weight! You may think skipping one meal or two will make you lose weight faster, but actually you won't. Because you can develop an unhealthy routine, here are six bad habits that make you gain weight...

1. Not eating before a workout.

Lots of women tend to cut down on food before workout, thinking it will making them lose weight, which unfortunately gives the exact opposite effect. Eating so little before a workout, will just make you eat even more afterwards. On another note, a recent study stated that when you eat a meal full of proteins at least two hours before a workout, you will help your body burn calories and fats faster.

2. Staying up late every night.

Not having enough sleep is one the most common bad habits that makes you gain weight. When you stay up late, it could affect your hormones, which will make you more nervous and might create dark circles under your eyes.

3. Sitting for long hours.

One of the bad habits that make you gain weight is sitting in a chair for long hours at the office. Doctors and fitness experts always recommend that you change your posture or walk around every 30 minutes to aid digestion and burn calories faster.

4. Consuming lots of healthy food.

Undoubtedly, healthy food like fruits and yoghurt have much less calories than others. However, this doesn't mean that you should load up on lots of it. If you involve lots of fruits for example in your diet, you may end up gaining weight due to the high amount of sugar.

5. Not drinking enough water.

Water for sure helps you burn calories faster, especially when you workout. Trick yourself into drinking more water in a way or another so you can end up having at least 8 cups of water per day.

6. Skipping breakfast.

Not having breakfast is surely one of the bad habits that will make you gain weight easily. When you have breakfast, you're more prone to stay full almost all day long!

7. Having lots of diet drinks.

Diet drinks and sugar-free sodas are nothing but a big myth. You may think that diet drinks have the good kind of sugar, but actually the type of sugar induced in them makes you crave sweet stuff more.


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