Summer is back and so is the attack of the munchies. You would think snacking between meals is your worst enemy, but it can actually help you maintain your healthy lifestyle and fit summer body, if you simply choose your snacks wisely. Sweet or salty, here are six healthy snacks under 200 calories:


1. 15 Chinese rice crackers are the best choice to take with you on the go and are only 110 calories.

2. With just 130 calories, 22 almonds would be delicious tossed into your salad.

3.  Combining 2 tbsp of Hummus with three carrot sticks is the perfect snack with a surprising 80 calories.


1. Enjoying a mango with 200 calories isn’t so bad every once in a while.

2. A bar of dark chocolate has 180 calories, so all my fellow chocolate lovers can enjoy a guilt-free dark chocolate KitKat.

3. Containing 190 calories, Nature Valley’s peanut butter  granola bar is the perfect crunchy snack.