Victoria’s Secret models have to do a lot of exercises to appear in this gorgeous shape in photo-shoots and runway shows. Victoria’s Secret models are famous for toned butts, toned legs and toned arms.

Arms! We usually tend to forget about our arms, because they’re the hardest to tone, but it’s about time to take the step and get our arms toned like a Victoria’s Secret model with these easy arm exercises.

You’re only 10 exercises away from toned arms, so keep on reading to know the steps you’ll perform, and then watch the arms exercise video we got you by fitness instructor Rebecca Louise of XHIT.

How long will it take you to workout to get toned arms like a Victoria's Secret model? You should take 30 seconds for every arm exercise, which means that the whole arm workout routine takes about five minutes maximum.

30 seconds dips

30 seconds one leg pushups

30 seconds complex shoulder raise

30 seconds arm circles

30 seconds reversed arm circles

30 seconds curl and jab

30 seconds curl and twist

30 seconds triceps kickbacks

30 seconds reverse flys

30 seconds curl and hold

Now watch the video by Rebecca Louise of XHIT, to show you how to perform every exercise correctly at home, to get the best out of your workout routine.