Remember the day when you and your friends would play with a hula hoop? We would time ourselves and see who can spin it the longest before it hits the ground. Who would have thought that doing so was actually a good work out for our bodies. The hula hoop has been making a comeback lately, and it has proven to be very effective. Celebrities like Oilvia Wilde, Beyonce and the first lady Michelle Obama are fans of the hula hoop workout and we all know how great and toned their bodies look.  It's a fun way to workout like the Zumba, where you don't even feel the effort of the work out as it is a fun experience. Hula hoop classes use weighted hoops and specific movements that after an hour of a hula hoop workout you can burn around 400 calories. Swinging the hula hoop around your hip can be a very effective aerobic workout, and heavier hoops work your abs. If you have an old hula hoop in the storage, it's time break it out and get your hula on. For an intense workout increase the speed of your workout. Hula hoops are not just used for your hips and waist, you can use it with knee lifts, arm movements and squats. If you decide to do the hula hoop workout, be sure to do a combination of moves for 30 minutes, three or four times a week. In a matter of weeks, you will see a noticeable difference in the fat around your waist and belly, leading to a toned body.