How to do squats the correct way? And why is it so important to do it in a specific way? These two questions are the most common among beginner athletes. And we can't even tell you how important it is to perform a squat in a right way.

The best way to do a squat is to open your legs a little bit, with your feet forward. And then push your waist and bottom to the back, as if you're going to sit down. While you get down, make sure that your knees don't surpass your feet, and that they're pointed to the outside not to the inside while you squat.

If you do a squat this way, you will avoid knee injuries, because squats can damage your knees in a very bad way if performed wrong.

Rebecca Louise of XHit will show you exactly how a squat is properly done in the next video. Make sure you follow her guidelines to get the maximum benefit from squatting, and to avoid injury!