Belly fat is every woman’s nightmare, but it’s not impossible to beat! Getting a flat stomach just needs dedication and determination to burn it off and get rid of all the excess belly fat. So, if you’re ready for this challenge, you need to see this workout video by XHit’s famous trainer Rebecca Louise to burn fat and get a toned stomach.

Don’t worry, if you follow a healthy diet by cutting off fizzy drinks, products that contain high saturated fats, and eat moderately, you can totally get a flat stomach with the help of these nine workout moves in a couple of months.

So, here are the nine workout moves Rebecca Louise will be performing in the video that will help you burn belly fat and get a flat stomach:

- 30 seconds the roll.

- 30 seconds windmills.

- 30 seconds starfish crunches.

- 30 seconds mountain climbers.

- 30 seconds Russian twists.

- 30 seconds Spiderman planks.

- 30 seconds Single leg drops.

- 30 seconds double leg circles.

- 60 seconds flutter kicks.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @_piba_