Eating just one cup of yogurt for Suhoor will prevent you a from lot of troubles during fasting the next day, and that’s because yogurt is full of vitamins and yeasts, which are very beneficial for our bodies. So let’s see in details why you should never skip eating yogurt for Suhoor.

1. Yogurt is a great source of protein! Protein is important because it gives your body the energy it needs during fasting.

2. It’s not a secret, eating yogurt for suhoor is the best way to beat thirst the next day. It keeps you hydrated and refreshed all day long.

3. Yogurt is also the best way to get rid of irritable belly bloating, because it contains and it increases the activity of the healthy bacteria your guts needs to function properly.

4. Yogurt can help protect from teeth decay, caused by eating too much sweets during Ramadan. It also can heal gum infections, and it can help you get rid of bad breath during fasting.

5. Yogurt is your best weapon against paleness during Ramadan. It contains lactic acid which is responsible for renewing your skin constantly to keep you looking radiant and healthy.

Tip: You can make your own yogurt mask at home. Just add 3 drops of olive oil or almond oil, and a tbsp of honey to a cup of yogurt. Apply the mixture on your face for 20 minutes, and then wash it of with lukewarm water.

6. Yogurt contains calcium and vitamin D which are very important for your bones, it also contains magnesium, zinc and vitamin B12, which are very beneficial for our bodies.

7. Yogurt flushes out excessive sodium in your body, because it contains a high percentage of potassium.

Now you know why you should always eat yogurt for Suhoor?