Have you ever thought the way you look and the way you are perceived by others isn't the same? Deep question, I know. But seriously take a second to think about it. Take me as an example, I always thought my chin is way too small and I have a favorite side for pictures, because when I pose with the right side I look way better in them We always think people are pretty judgmental, but never focus on how hard we might be on ourselves, in fact way too hard. I'll stop you for a second before you continue reading and ask you to watch Dove's campaign titled "Dove Real Beauty Sketches", which will surely change your perspective on how you look at yourself.

I have to say I personally loved the video as it's really touching. Throughout the video you will see how hard women are on themselves, without even noticing that they are, whereas they look much more beautiful. It's just a matter of knowing how amazing you are and instead of focusing on what you might not like about yourself, it would be way better to actually take a deeper look and discover what you love instead. I shall leave you with the message of the campaign "You are more beautiful than you think."