The winter season is a perfect time to embrace dark eye makeup, and that's why I'll be sharing with you burgundy eyeshadow looks to inspire you. Why the burgundy eyeshadow look in specific? Well, the burgundy eyeshadow look is currently a bold winter beauty trend that many women are loving, and I gathered 10 photos to guide you to apply it in a perfect way.

If you think it's hard to pull off the burgundy eyeshadow look, I'll give you some makeup tips to consider. First of all, as you start applying the burgundy eyeshadow, go light and don't cover your entire eyelid. Also, to have a beautiful burgundy eyeshadow look, you need to accentuate your eyes with black eyeliner and black mascara. Finally, don't forget to keep your lips simple, and it's preferable to choose a nude lipstick.

Below are some photos of burgundy eyeshadow looks, so scroll through and tell us if you'll try this winter beauty trend.