In the past few years, we've witnessed the rise of many Egyptian makeup artists. However, a successful makeup artist doesn't just happen overnight. It takes a lot of effort, and sometimes a stroke of luck, to breakthrough as a famous makeup artist.

I looked up several social media platforms, and I have to share with you 11 Egyptian makeup artists you should know. Whether you want to book a professional bridal makeup session, or looking for a makeup artist to collaborate with for fashion photo-shoots and editorials, you don't want to miss this list of 11 Egyptian makeup artists you should know.

1. Soraya Shawky

Soraya Shawky is one of the leading ladies in the makeup industry in Egypt. She’s very well known for her fashion and editorial makeup, besides working her magic on regular clients, specifically brides. Her makeup style is quite simple, and she prefers to highlight the beauty of women's faces, instead of transforming their whole look.

2. Kiki Ismail

Ahmed Ismail aka Kiki Ismail, literally took the Cairene fashion scene by storm, when he first came back from New York City. The talented Egyptian makeup artist worked with international models, like Cara Delevingne, and fashion designer like Stella McCartney.

3. Soha Khoury

The Lebanese-born Soha Khoury, is currently one of the top players in the Egyptian makeup industry. Besides being a professional bridal makeup artist, she also works very closely with superstars, such as Nelly Karim, Ghada Adel and Arwa Gouda. She also specializes in fashion editorials and special effects makeup.

4. Mirna Kauzman

Mirna Kauzman's name is relatively new, but her work is certainly very noticeable. She has worked with many stars like Amina Khalil and Yasmine Raeis, and her portfolio includes partnering up with L'Oreal Paris Egypt. We can't wait to see more of your art.

5. Mai Ayman

Mai Ayman is a young Egyptian makeup artist who's building a name for herself, through her exceptional work and fresh outlook. The certified makeup artist also holds workshops where she shares makeup tutorials and beauty tips, so look out for her.

6. Sally Rashid

Sally Rashid is one of the fresh Egyptian makeup artists. It takes a lot of hard work to build a name, and she is definitely in the right direction. The professional makeup artist has recently worked with up and coming fashion designer, Norine Farah, and she loves to use her makeup tools to subtly transform her clients for special occasions.

7. Fatma Bahgat

Fatma Bahgat is currently one of the rising Egyptian makeup artists. She recently started branching out from bridal and evening makeup, and has embarked on fashion and editorial makeup. Keep going, we want to see more of your beauty looks


8. Ahmed Gamal

You probably have a friend who has done her bridal makeup with Ahmed Gamal. The talented makeup artist specializes in makeup for special occasions, and you certainly can't go wrong with him.


9. Aisha Ghanem

If you want simple makeup for a special occasion, then Aisha Ghanem is one of the makeup artists you should go for. She has a fine taste, and her brush strokes will add a magical touch to your bridal or evening look.

10. Heba El Kaissy

Heba El Kaissy is a certified makeup artist, who's between Cairo and Dubai. She's a beauty blogger, behind The Kit - The Makeup Artist, and she shares loads beauty tips, and makeup tutorials; from the best hand creams, to filling in your eyebrows for a natural look.

11. Zeina El Naggar

Zeina El Naggar is one of the renowned bridal makeup artists. She's been around for a while now, and she was able to build a good reputation for herself throughout her journey in the beauty industry. Want to look like a diva on your wedding day? Zeina El Naggar will make your wish come true.