Let's face it, we all want to look back on our pictures and think, "Wow I looked fabulous!". But, the truth is smokey raccoon eyes and lipstick stains on our teeth are not memories we want to relive. So ladies, we're going to give you the scoop on the makeup tricks and tips you should know to look fabulous in pictures. Believe it or not your makeup does have a huge impact on your appearance in pictures, from the smallest to the biggest details. Let's get started!

1. Matte Foundation! There is nothing attractive about a picture with a shiny face. Go for a matte foundation to show off a more natural complexion, and with the flash of the camera it will also give you a nice glow. 

2. Apply your makeup in natural light. This is by far one of the most important makeup tips when taking pictures. If you look good with makeup in broad daylight, then you will definitely look great with the camera's flash on. 

3. To look good in pictures, you need to always blend in your makeup. For example if you want to hide the dark circles under your eyes, be sure to blend it in with the concealer to get rid of any white makeup patches under your eyes in the pictures. Yes they show! What's also very important to consider is using a brush for blending, works like magic and gives you a much better result than distributing foundation with your fingers.

4. Ditch the black pencil eyeliner and go for liquid. To give your eyes a pop, use black liquid eyeliner, black mascara or black eyeshadow. The point is, black is a color that shows in pictures, so make sure to draw your eyes well and balanced. Ditch the greens and blues!

5. Blush is one makeup tip that is absolutely necessary in pictures, especially if you have a white complexion, the flash will only make you look whiter. Add some color to your cheeks, it will give off the natural flushed rosy look in pictures. Make sure you go for bright blush colors, as they brighten up your smile.

6. Thickening the eyelashes is one makeup trick that will make your pictures look very Hollywood like. You don't need to add faux lashes, you can thicken your eyelashes naturally in just a few simple steps

7. Lipstick! If someone has red lipstick on, isn't that the first thing you notice about them? Same applies to your pictures, add a pop of color to your lips, a color that suits you best of course, to brighten up your entire face.

8. The most important makeup tip I can give you for your pictures is to make sure your neck and face are the same color. When applying foundation, make sure you go down to your neck and blend it in with your face. Avoid what I like to call the clown face mishaps and try to look as natural as possible in pictures. 

9. Makeup primers are God's gifts to women. If you are heading to a wedding or an event and just had your makeup done, it will definitely last all night long with the makeup primer. No melted eyeliner under your eyelids, or mascara stains on your eyelids will show in pictures even after hours of dancing. 

10. Groom your eyebrows. Believe it or not, how your eyebrows look has a dramatic effect on your look in pictures. Make sure to brush them and even them out by filling them in. If you are going to darken them, make sure you do it naturally and with a color that matches your complexion. You don't want to end up with a picture of a ghost with black henna eyebrows, right?

11. Smiling is by far the most important makeup tip to look good in pictures. When you smile, your face shines, showing off your perfect eyes, your va va voom lipstick and your rosy cheeks and you're off to go.