11 Oud Perfumes Inspired by the Magic of the Orient

Omnia Ibrahim
10/19/15, 12:00 AM

In the past few years, fashion houses and designers have become quite fond of oriental scents. And thus, they have created very expensive and very delicate oud perfumes, inspired by the magic of the orient. Their high value is because their fragrance is intense and lasts on your skin for a long time, and also because oud, amber and musk are luxurious Arabic scents.

Now scroll down, and check our list of the best designer oud perfumes.

1. Cartier Oud 'Les Heures Voyageuses'

In 2009 Cartier was celebrating 100 years of existence and thus they released  series of perfumes called 'Les Heures Voyageuses' but, this year they decided to add to the family the magic of the orient by releasing Oud perfume. They even made three versions of it, which are " Oud and Oud, Oud and Rose, Oud and Musk"  

2. Tom Ford Oud Wood 'Unisex'

Oud Wood by Tom Ford is described as exotic, rare and distinctive. The designer used the most rare Arabic scents, which are oud wood, rose wood, cardamom, sandalwood, vetiver, tonka bean, and amber.

3.  Christian Dior Oud Ispohan 'Unisex'

Inspired by the magical orient, Christian Dior created a perfume made of oud blended with labdanum absolute, once he became a couturier-perfumer. Oud Ispohan truly captured the oriental identity.

4. Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desert Oud 'Unisex'

Velvet Desert Oud is part of the Velvet collection by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. However, this one specifically is inspired by the hidden treasures of the Middle East. It contains oud wood, amber notes and a touch of musk as light as a veil.

5. Elie Saab Essence No.4 Oud 'Unisex'

Elie Saab’s couture Fragrance No.4 Oud, is part of a series of exquisite essences: No.1 Rose, No.2 Gardenia, No.3 Amber and No.4 Oud. This Arabian beauty is made of oriental accords of black pepper, benzoin and agar wood.

6. Givenchy Oud Flamboyant ‘Unisex’

Oud Flamboyant is part of the exclusive collection called l’Atelier Givenchy. The fragrance is inspired by the oriental spirit, and it contains, leather, oud and labdanum.

7.  Gucci Oud 'Unisex'

The Gucci Oud fragrance is a mix between the magic of the ancient eastern ingredients, and the modern scents. It contains pear, raspberry and saffron, Bulgarian rose and orange flower, natural oud oil and patchouli.

8. Yves Saint Laurent Splendid Wood 'Unisex'

Splendid Wood is the fourth fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent based on wood scents. Inspired by the Middle East, they combined oud, cedar, cardamom and thyme.

9. Chopard Rose Malaki 'Unisex'

Rose Malaki was released by Chopard after their first hit Oud Malaki for men. This time, Rose Malaki is for both men and women. It provides an oriental-spicy composition. Roses and wood spicy scents made quite an interesting combination that captures the beauty of the oriental aroma.

10. Valentino Valentina Oud Assoluto

Valentina Oud by Valentino is a leather fragrance made for women, and it contains a variety of scents that create an oriental essence. What does it smell like? It includes orange blossom and cardamom, agarwood (oud), Bulgarian rose and leather, saffron, vanilla and woody notes.

11. Narciso Rodriguez Amber Musk

Amber Musk by Narciso Rodriguez, is one of the finest oriental scents made for women. It’s made of orange blossom and musk; agarwood (oud), patchouli and leather; vanilla, incense and amber.


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