It's a well-known fact, Lebanese makeup artists are some of the most talented beauty experts, regionally, if not internationally. From celebrity makeup artists, to internationally certified beauty experts, I decided to share with you a list which includes 14 of the best Lebanese makeup artists.

If you want to know who's responsible for making your favorite Arab celebrities look flawless all the time, then keep reading. I'll let you know who creates the best celebrity looks and which Lebanese makeup artist can give you the most dazzling evening and bridal makeup look, you'll find out shortly.

You'll also be able to follow them on Instagram, to stay on top of your beauty game and get major makeup inspiration.

1. Bassam Fattouh

Bassam Fattouh isn't only one of the best Lebanese makeup artists, he's also one of the most renowned Arab makeup artists. He started his dream around 20 years ago, and today he's the choice of famous stars (Haifa Wehba, Elissa and Najwa Karam among many others), high-profile women and royalty in the Middle East and beyond. Also, a couple of years ago, he launched Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics, his very own line of makeup products. He's truly a pioneer! Instagram: @BassamFattouh

2. Bouba

Young Lebanese makeup artist, Bouba, has a very wide following of fans on social media. Once you see his posts, you'll get hooked too, as his profile is loaded with makeup inspiration. He also has his very own YouTube channel, Beautique by Bouba, where he displays makeup tutorials and trends. Instagram: @MakeupByBouba

3. Christian Abouhaidar

It's difficult not to notice Christian Abouhaidar's artistic makeup talent. His celebrity client list includes Elissa and Daniella Rahme, and his brush strokes always ensures a flawless makeup look. Christian Abouhaidar will soon be taking part in the Arabic version of international TV show, Fashion Star, that will start airing next week. Instagram: @ChristianAbouhaidar


4. Colette Iskandar

If you love Cyrine Abdelnour's makeup, then you must know that Colette Iskandar is the woman behind it. It's true, the talented Lebanese makeup artist, Colette Iskandar, works very closely with Cyrine Abdelnour, but her clientele includes other celebrities such as Diana Haddad and Amal Bouchoucha. The professional makeup artist knows how to perfectly use her tools, as she's always seen in killer makeup looks. Instagram: @ColetteIskandar

5. Eva Atallah

Eva Atallah is one of the very famous Lebanese makeup artists, who worked her magic on hundreds of clients across the years of her expertise. The professional makeup artist now holds workshops across the region, and she's the exclusive beauty specialist for the hit TV show, Arab Idol. Instagram: @EvaAtallahOfficial

6. Fady Kataya

Fady Kataya's name is synonymus with Nancy Ajram, however, that's only a small part of his outstanding career. The famous Lebanese makeup artist, started his journey with makeup early in his life, and achieved his biggest dream yet by opening Fady Kataya Beauty Lounge. Fady Kayata also holds makeup training courses and workshops, for anyone who wants to improve their skills and techniques. You'd want to know that his celebrity client list includes Amal Maher, Yara and much more! Instagram: @FadyKataya

7. Hala Ajam

Without a doubt, Hala Ajam is the most famous Lebanese female makeup artist out there. She has worked with some of the biggest celebrities in the Arab wold, including Sherine Abdel Wahab, Assala and Maya Diab. Hala Ajam is a strong believer in the power of natural beauty, and her makeup style embodies that less is more. That's not all, the influential makeup artist recently launched her debut makeup book, Face to Face. Instagram: @HalaAjam

8. Maya Yammine

The woman behind Hilda Khalife's dazzling makeup looks is Maya Yammine. Add to her resume, Arab TV presenters, Aimée Sayah and Wafaa El-Kilany to name a few. Maya Yammine's popularity continues to grow day after day, and we love her top notch artistic makeup. Instagram: @MayaYammine

9. Patricia Riga

Patricia Riga's client's list is quite packed, but her most famous client yet is the beautiful mother-to-be, Myriam Fares. She works very closely with her clients, to ensure flawless evening and bridal makeup looks. Instagram: @PatriciaRiga

10. Paul Constantinian

When you know that Paul Constantinian is responsible for the makeup looks of some of your favorite Arab celebrities, such as Nadine Njeim, Carla Haddad, Dima Sadek and Aimée Sayah, you'd be sure that he's one of the best Lebanese makeup artists. Instagram: @Paul Constantinian

11. Rolande Kassis

Rolande Kassis is the woman behind the Rolande Kassis Beauty Institute, which offers a wide variety of beauty services. She's an internationally certified makeup artist, and she receives an average of 200 women per month. Her celebrity clients include Rima Fakih, and Lamitta Frangieh to mention a few. Instagram: @RolandeKassis

12. Roula Riachi

Roula Riachi's exceptional talent speaks for itself. The acclaimed Lebanese makeup artist more than 20 years ago, and she's worked with some of the finest local and international celebrities ever since. With such an outstanding experience, Roula Riachi believes that a personalized style in makeup is a must and that no two people are alike. Instagram: @RoulaRiachi

13. Samer Khouzami

You're probably familiar with the name, Samer Khouzami. Yes, he's the infamous Lebanese makeup artist who's best known for his contoured makeup look. Samer Khouzami has a very wide base of clientele, and in addition to that, he tours globally for his makeup workshops and he recently launched his very own line of professional makeup brushes. Instagram: @SamerKhouzami

14. Tony Tannous

Tony Tannous has recently worked with the stars of the hit TV show, Celebrity Duets. If you ever liked Annabella Hilal's makeup, now you know that Tony Tannous is the Lebanese makeup artist behind her look. Instagram: @TonyTannouss