20 Celebrities Who Prove That You Can't Go Wrong with Nude Lipstick

Mariam Youssef
11/12/22, 4:00 PM

Everyone now is all about finding the perfect nude shade. Nude lipstick is a trend that’s here to stay because it never fails to complete any makeup look and add a definition to the lips. When you see these 20 photos of celebrities wearing nude lipstick, you'll actually understand why your makeup essentials checklist must include a nude lipstick.

From sheer to matte nude and many more shades, each celebrity knows how to pick the right nude lipstick according to her complexion, and that's what you must do as well. When you find the right shade of nude lipstick, you can guarantee a totally youthful and chic look. What's not to like about that?

Women with fair skin tones should stick to nude lipsticks with pink hues, to avoid looking pale. As for women with medium skin tones, they should go for nude lipsticks that have a hint of peachy shades, and they best stay away from using a nude lipstick that's lighter than their skin tone unless they use a darker lip pencil to balance things out. If you’re wondering what women with dark skin tones should choose, they should pick a nude lipstick with a brownish shade, be it shiny or matte.

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Now that you read our quick guide to help you choose the best nude lipstick for your skin tone, take a look at some of the celebrities who just love wearing nude lipstick.

Kylie Jenner

Image credit: kyliejenner

This brownish, burnt orange nude shade is amazing for girls with medium to brown skin. Kylie usually goes for a lip pencil before applying lipstick and here, she added a touch of glossiness to make the look more glamorous. 

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Selena Gomez

Image credit: selenagomez

This peachy nude shade looks amazing on Selena and matches her skin tone perfectly. If you have a similar skin tone to Selena’s, you can apply this shade and top it with a gloss for a nice finish.

Ariana Grande

Image credit: arianagrande

Ariana has a medium skin tone and this brown matte shade looks amazing on her. You can pair this with a brown outfit for a cozy, winter look since brown is a classic winter color. We also love that she wore it matte; it looks unique on its own.

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Mona Zaki

Image credit: monazakiofficial

Doesn’t Mona Zaki look phenomenal in this picture? Thanks to the lipstick shade (and of course her eternal beauty), her look is on point! This light brown matte nude lipstick compliments her skin tone and goes perfectly with the whole makeup look.

Dorra Zarrouk

Image credit: dorra_zarrouk

Dorra knows how to look stunning on every occasion, doesn’t she? Besides her amazing style and gorgeous appearance, her nude lipstick is a true match to her skin tone and makes perfect sense with the entire look.

Dua Lipa

Image credit: Pinterest

If you’re going with bold eye makeup, we always recommend to pick a simple, nude shade for the lips. And that’s exactly what Dua Lipa has done. This nude shade looks just perfect with the whole makeup look and makes her lips defined and sexy.

Millie Bobby Brown

Image credit: Pinterest

This nude shade is very interesting as it is on the pinkish side. She used a darker pink lip pencil to define her lips and balance the color, then she finalized the look with gloss to give this amazing pink nude shade that goes perfectly with her eye makeup and outfit.

Miley Cyrus

Image credit: Pinterest

We love a blonde moment and Miley looks just sensational in this picture. Besides her stunning dress and hairstyle, she rocks this nude lipstick that tones down the look and makes it more unique.

Hailey Bieber

Image credit: haileybieber

Haily Bieber knows exactly how to capture our eyes with her flawless makeup. This brown nude shade is simply perfect on her, especially that she paired it with a darker brown lip pencil for more definition. The shimmery lips along with her glowing skin give red-carpet vibes, and we’re so here for it.

Huda ElMufti

Image credit: hudaelmufti

Another fantastic pink nude shade is brought to you by the one and only, Huda ElMufti. The subtle shade is a true match to her skin tone and the gloss adds this glamorous touch to make her lips look fuller and more beautiful.


Image credit: beyonce

Because of her attractive skin tone, Beyonce rocks brown lipsticks. This shade just looks breathtaking on her as it complements her skin amazingly and goes well with the entire makeup look.


Image credit: Pinterest

Rihanna loves to have bold lips and so do we! Bold brown lipstick is sensational, especially on darker skin tones. She simply defined her lips with a brown lip pencil then threw that perfect brown lipstick on top and BAM!

Doja Cat

Image credit: Pinterest

Doja Cat is one of the celebrities that proves that blonde hair can look gorgeous on darker skin tones. Apart from that, she also knows how to wear the right nude lipstick shade that matches her unique overall look.

Billie Eilish

Image credit: Pinterest

With her mesmerizing blue eyes, blonde hair, and fair complexion, this nude shade speaks volumes. This peachy nude is honestly bringing the whole look together and making her entire makeup look complete.

Jennifer Lopez

Image credit: Pinterest

Can this woman get any more beautiful? This nude lipstick shade goes perfectly with her gorgeous warm-toned skin and fantastic hair color. She’s wearing a warm-toned brown lipstick that matches her complexion perfectly.

Nadine Nassib Njeim

Image credit: nadine.nassib.njeim

To achieve this simple yet glamorous look, you’ll need a brown lip pencil and a lighter nude lipstick. Nadine’s lips can make any lipstick look gorgeous on her; however, this one is surely one of the most beautiful shades on her.

Yasmine Sabri

Image credit: yasmine_sabri

When you’re wearing a pink outfit, it is best to stick to pink shades in your entire makeup look to make the whole look come together and give you feminine vibes. Yasmine Sabri wore a stunning pink nude shade that goes perfectly with her mesmerizing look.

Carmen Bsaibes

Image credit: carmenbsaibes

If we’re going to describe Carmen in one word, we’ll use “simplicity.” She is so effortlessly gorgeous, so is her makeup. You can almost see that she’s not wearing makeup; however, that’s the trick. Her simple no-makeup makeup look and this perfect nude shade are just everything! 

Zeina Reda

Image credit: zeinareda29

Zeina’s warm skin tone gives her room to play around with warm-tones nude shades. To balance out the smokey eyes, she wore a simple nude shade that looked terrific on her.


Image credit: assala_official

This is another shade of pink that you can also wear. The lipstick is matte to balance out the bling of Assala’s jewelry, yet it compliments the whole makeup look gorgeously. And this is a living example of “less is more!”

Tell us which lipstick shade is your favorite and which ones you will try. Do you have a lipstick combo you’d like to share with us? We’re all ears!



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