If only all women knew the power of red lipstick! Over the years, you've probably always heard that red lipstick never goes out of style, and that's a fact.

Red lipstick is a timeless makeup product, and it adds a certain sexy touch to any woman's look. To prove my point, just take a look at these 30 celebrities wearing red lipstick, and see how the classic red lipstick instantly added an alluring feel to their makeup.

As you'll scroll through the photos, you'll notice that there are different shades of red lipstick from fiery red to burgundy red and orange red, however, there's a certain shade of red lipstick to match each and every skin tone out there. Click here for the ultimate guide to pick the best red lipstick according to your skin tone

Want to know who are the celebrities who rocked sexy red lips? You'll find a lot to inspire you to wear red lipstick from the blonde Blake Lively to the brunette Kendall Jenner and much more.