Your eye shape is one of the most important facial features; it gives any face its identity and uniqueness. While makeup trends are constantly changing everyday, one of the latest trends since summer and is ongoing to fall/winter 2018/2019 is the glossy makeup look. Previously, glossy makeup used to be limited to lipsticks only. We probably all know how to make a matte lipstick transform into a glossy one. But the trend that many girls don't have any clue on how to achieve is glossy eye shadow. Although it may seem simple, and you could simply find a reflective cream eyeshadow in most brands, there are still some tricks you will need to know in order to effectively give your eyeshadow that reflective, glossy look. Follow up to know how!

1. Never ignore applying eye primer on the eyelid before anything else. This is what will make your makeup stay in place for the longest period possible.

2. Apply the eye shadow color of your choice. It could be a normal (powder) eye shadow.

3. Apply your eyeliner if you want to add more definition to your eyes.

4. Apply the suitable mascara for your lashes carefully to avoid any mess. Try to pick a long lasting waterproof mascara. 

5. If you don't have an eye gloss, apply some of your lip gloss on your finger or a flat shadow brush, then carefully apply on your eyelid. 

You can watch the following video for more illustration of the previously mentioned steps.

Video credits: Dose of Colors

Main image credits: Instagram @nikki_makeup