Sometimes it can be difficult to achieve a smudge-free eye makeup look. So how about you try a makeup product that can really do wonders; a mascara primer. We're going to tell you all you need to know about mascara primers, and how you can never live without them. The mascara primer is like a makeup primer, but only for your eyelashes. It adds texture to your lashes, and acts as the ultimate base to your mascara, making it last longer. Wait, did I mention that a mascara primer increases the lash length two times more than its original length? Yes, one coat of mascara primer can moisturize your eyelashes and brush them, to make them ready for another coat of colored mascara. Since including mascara primer in your daily beauty routine can make a great difference to your eye makeup, check out this must have information about mascara primers. 

How does the mascara primer look like?

A mascara primer is either white or transparent. The white color of the mascara primer gets covered and goes away immediately when you add your black or colored mascara. It's actually easier to see which part of the lashes is uncovered with primer well because of its white texture. 

Where to find it?

Mascara primers can be found at almost every drug-store out there. Sometimes mascara primers have vitamins and conditioning formulas in them, which is also a plus. Did you know that some makeup brands also sell the mascara primer along with the colored mascara, all in one package. 

How to use it?

The mascara primer is extremely easy to use. Make sure your eyes are free of any makeup right before you apply it, in order not to smudge the mascara wand with makeup residues. Apply the mascara primer by sweeping the brush onto your lashes until the primer covers both your upper and lower lash line. Wait for a minute or two, and apply another coat of primer if necessary, followed by the black or colored mascara in order to reach the desired outcome.

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