Applying blusher has always been linked to that big fluffy blusher blush, yet nowadays there's a new way to apply blusher. No, it doesn't involve using a brush. With cream blush, all what you need is two fingers to apply blusher evenly. The introduction of cream blush definitely added a lot to the beauty world.

If you have problems applying powder blush, or you spend a long time under the sun then cream blush should be your go-to blush option. Cream blush is perfect for you if you're always out and about. It blends perfectly with your skin and lasts for a longer period. If your have a dry skin, then cream blush should be your pick. Not only does cream blush moisturize your cheeks, but also it allows a smoother application of blusher on the apples of your cheeks. The best thing about cream blush is that it actually lasts longer than powder blush and it's easier to apply if you're not makeup savvy.

If you're more old school, then you'd definitely prefer the powder blush. You probably have a compact powder blush in your makeup bag, most people are familiar with that option. I must admit that powder blush gives a more refined professional look, yet it doesn't work well with dry skin. If you have normal or dry skin, I think it would be better sticking with cream than powder blush.