Easy Morning Makeup Steps

Dalia Hosny
8/28/13, 12:00 AM

We wake up everyday and all we need to do is just grab a cup of coffee and head to our destination quickly. We know quite well that mornings can be quick and restless, so we will show you how to transform your look from grumpy to gorgeous in just five minutes with easy morning makeup steps.

1. You need to wash your face perfectly to cleanse and start your day with a fresh face. Use a soap-free facial wash. Then apply a light cream to moisturize your skin in order not to leave it dry.

2. Spot them! Black heads, red and dark spots can all go away with just one touch of foundation. Treating these tiny flaws can make you ready in a couple of minutes. Applying a foundation or a primer can make your face more fresh and neat. You just need to blend it well with your skin. You can skip the foundation and use BB cream as a makeup base.

3. The right blusher is a must for a fresh morning makeup look. Never forget to add a touch of blush to your cheeks to add liveliness to your pale morning face.

4. Brush your eyebrows and make sure they look tamed. If you still feel that your eyebrows need touching up, dress them up with eyebrow powder. Eyebrows frame your face and they're more visible than you think!

5. Some eyeliner wont harm, a simple line on your eyelids would do. It will add extra definition to your eyes and make your eyes pop. This way you can skip using mascara.

6. Never neglect lipstick. Even a light shade of lipstick would leave an impact. Go for light and pinkish colors for a natural morning look.


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