What's one thing you wouldn't leave your house without? I'd personally say my make-up bag! They say women carry too much stuff in their handbags, but we will take you through the daily essentials of make-up that you really need to store in your make-up bag. 

1. Mascara: Add volume to your eyelashes with a dark rich mascara. A mascara is known as the best make-up tool that adds length and charm to your eyes. Never leave house without a mascara in your bag.

2. Eyeliner: Make your eyes pop and never leave home with an eyeliner. Whether you're going for a party or a business meeting, catch others by surprise with your bold eyes.

3. BB cream and concealer: Cover your dark areas and always be ready with a concealer in your make-up bag. If you decide to wash your face for some refreshment or re-apply your make-up, bb cream will be there for you.

4. Lipstick: A pink or a nude lipstick is a must-have item for each and every girl out there. Besides being perfectly suitable for every skin tone, pink lipstick can easily match anything you wear for a natural look.

5. Blusher: Enhance your beauty and stay away from looking pale with your daily to-go blusher. Applying blusher is a great way of adding some liveliness to your face. Add a touch of your favorite shade and make sure not to look washed away. 

6. Hand Cream: Opt for the tiniest hand cream pack. It's not only essential for winter as it will leave your hand with a good smell and softened too. Its light in weight and does magic!

7. Nail File: Ever experienced a broken nail? Hell yes, all the time! Always have a nail file to sharpen your nails instead of staying in pain or having that chipped nail ruin what you're wearing.

8. Blotting Wipes: Oily skin is irritating, isn't it? Get rid of your oily face or forehead with some blotting wipes ready in your bag. Exfoliate your facial pours and wash away the undesirable gleam on your face. At the end of your very busy day, that's what you really want.