There's nothing better than smokey eye makeup to accentuate the beauty of your eyes. Highlight your eyes and turn heads, who said the smokey eyes look is hard to achieve? Here are simple tips to help you perfect smokey eyes.

1. If you need to, instead of wiping off your eyeshadow using cotton swabs or makeup remover wipes, use concealer on your cotton swabs.

2. Make sure you tweeze your eyebrows efficiently so you can perfect your eye makeup. Usually when your eyebrows are in a good shape, your eyes and eye makeup tends to show more.

3. Always pick the right shades and hues for your eyes when applying smokey eye makeup. Deep purple and gold shades match well with green and hazel eyes, but if you have blue eyes then blue and navy shades should be your pick. If your eyes are black or brown, pinks and grey shades will go really with your eyes. 

4. Most of the time our eyelids tend to be different than the rest of our face's skin tone. Eyeshadow primer will solve all this trouble and make your eyelids look perfect. It will also make your eyeshadow stay in place for a longer time.

5. Some eyeshadow under your lower eyelids will definitely add some rich drama! On the lower corner of your lower eyelids, make sure to apply extra dark shades underneath your eyes in a modest manner according to your eye shape to avoid looking like a panda. 

6. False eyelashes and smokey eyes make a truly great couple! Pair your flashing smokey eyes with some fake eyelashes to make your eyes literally standout.

7. Lining your eyes using an eyeliner will give your eyes more shape. The cat eye look blends well with smokey eyes. Try it out!

8. Once you're done with your smokey eye makeup, the most important tip is not to overdo it with blusher or lipstick. Use very minimal blusher and light pink or nude lipstick. The bold eye makeup is almost enough!

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