Five Things You Shouldn't Do With Makeup

Dalia Hosny
12/17/13, 12:00 AM

It's possible that you do some mistakes while applying makeup, which can give you negative results rather than flaunting your look. Here are five common makeup mistakes that you should truly avoid...

1. Too much foundation

Don't want you face to look cakey? Well it's very simple. Avoid adding layers and layers of foundation to your skin. Trust me, you will only look better if you don't do that. Too much foundation will show the flaws in your face rather than hiding any imperfections.

2. Mismatching lipstick and lip liner

Lip liner is not meant to make you look like lip botox gone-wrong. Lip liners are designed to blend with your lipstick, just to prevent it from smudging and make your lips look fuller.

3. Bombarding your face with blusher

No woman ever wants to end up looking like a clown. Blusher should highlight the beauty of your cheek bones and make your features standout. Excessive blusher can be very unflattering. Use a rolled up soft tissue and pat over your cheeks or nose to remove extra blusher. My advice is, never go heavy with blusher. 

4. Extra eyebrows filling

We totally agree that thick brows are super sexy and so in, yet heavy penciled eyebrows are always a big turn-off. Applying eyebrow powder that is darker or doesn't match your hair color will only make your eyebrows look awkward. Not only does extra eyebrow powder make your eyebrows look very unnatural, but also it will make them seem extra hairy.

5. Wrong shade of concealer 

Picking the perfect shade of concealer will be through testing it on the back of your hand. If it's too dark, then it will be too dark on your face and vice versa. Visible light concealer will make your face look uneven. It will look distracting rather than flattering.

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