Five Tips for Extreme Curled Eyelashes

Nada Allam
1/20/14, 12:00 AM

Mascara is literally my favorite makeup product, there is nothing better than curling up your eyelashes with an effective mascara and heading out. It really pops out your eyes, and transforms your look from dull to glamourous. Here are a few ways to curl your eye lashes and give your eyes that needed pop. 

1. Eyelash Curler

Yes it may look scary, however do not underestimate the eye lash curler. Heat up the rubber ends with a hair dryer and hold on to your eye lashes for around 30 seconds. 

2. Spoon

Believe it or not a regular spoon can help curl up your eye lashes. Warm the spoon up and use it to push your eye lashes upward, thereby molding your mascara free eyelashes. After this, apply one coat of mascara and you will notice how curled up they are.

3. Combing Your Eyelashes 

Even though mascara does already have a wand, try combing your eyelashes with an eyebrow brush after applying mascara. That way you can separate and define the lashes.

4. Apply Two Coats of Mascara

The trick to optimize the curls with mascara is to apply two coats. With the first one start from the base of the eyelids, and slowly drag the mascara brush upward. The second coat will start from the middle of your eyelash, then wrap upward, giving it extra volume.

5. Clear Mascara Gel

This is a great way to give your eye lashes that natural polished look. You can use a brow brush once again after applying the clear mascara to give your lashes that extra boost.

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