Five Tricks for Applying Eyeliner

Dalia Hosny
11/11/13, 12:00 AM

Eyeliner is one of the most important steps in any makeup routine. Whether you want to opt for a classic cat-eye, or a smokey eye, here are some tricks for applying eyeliner, so you don't leave the house with messed up eye makeup. 

1. Always apply foundation.

Foundation is the key when it comes to applying eyeliner. Not only does foundation make the eyeliner stay in place for a longer period, but also it prevents it from smudging.

 2. Accentuate your eyes.

If you want to opt for a bigger eyes effect, forget about applying very thick eyeliner strokes. A thin line on the outer corner of your eyes would do. A longer thin line will definitely compliment your eyes more. 

3. Smudge it yourself.

Smudging might seem like a messy process, but if you know how to perfect it, you'll end up with an amazing effect. Instead of wiping off an uneven line, try to smartly smudge it with your fingers or with a small soft brush. For a more polished look, add a tinge of dark black or blue eye shadow. Make sure you apply it just on top of your eyeliner.

4. Pop of color.

A pop of color is always a good idea. As a person who truly loves applying color when it comes to makeup,iIf you want to go for a trendy colorful eyeliner, then you should apply it on only your upper or lower eyelid and NOT both. You can pull off a cat-eye and spice it up with a thin line of color on the outer line of your lower eyelid. Keep it simple and neutral.

5. Eyebrows always complete your look.

There's no perfect way to accentuate your eyeliner without taking good care of your eyebrows. If you decide to use an eyebrow filler, don't make your eyebrows seem very dark as it will draw the attention away from your eyes. Applying eyebrow filler can be tricky sometimes, if you over do it, it may give the illusion that you have dirt around your eyebrows.

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