Have you ever thought that there are five ways to reuse your old mascara wand? If you don't already know, mascaras have the shortest shelf life of all makeup products. You will find yourself tossing your mascara after three or six months (depending on the expiry) after usage. But did you ever think twice before throwing it in the nearest garbage bin? In fact, mascara wands can be of great use. Trust me, you’ll be amazed when you know the five ways to reuse your old mascara wand.

1. Separate your eyelashes

Don’t you just feel like going out without putting on mascara and giving your eyelashes a break? One way to reuse an old mascara wand and prevent your eyelashes from going into different directions, is by wetting the mascara wand with water or even using it while it's dry, to go over your eyelashes. It will neatly brush your thick eyelashes. 

2. Combat flying hairs 

A lot of times, I wonder what to do with the little hairs flying out, until I discovered how to reuse an old mascara wand. If you just spritz some hair spray on the old mascara wand and gently brush the little hairs using your mascara wand, you will put them back into place. You must make sure the mascara wand is not too small, in order not to create a mess. 

3. Clean old jewellery

Pamper your jewelry and accessories and brush the dust away from time to time. An old mascara wand can work perfectly with accessories, as it reaches any gaps between the beading, where other brushes can’t.

4. Prevent a clumpy mascara look

It’s bound to happen almost every time I apply mascara that I accidentally form mascara clumps on my eyelashes. An old mascara wand can brush and get off any clumps, to make your eyelashes clump free. Make sure to brush your eyelashes while the mascara is still wet so your eyes don't get irritated. 

5. Eyebrow brush

Sometimes, I get to wake up with really messy eyebrows, and no matter how I use my hands to put them back in shape, somehow I fail. If you have lost your eyebrow brush or you never used one before, consider your old mascara wand as a life saver.