The Fustany Team decided to share their favorite makeup products and brands with YOU. Every person in the Fustany team has their own unique style and their own preference when it comes to makeup. We opened up all our makeup bags to see what the Fustany team think are the best makeup products for 2016

Amira Azzouz “Founder & Editor in Chief”: 

I think that mascara is the best makeup product, that’s why I like to use two different brands: 

1.  Better Than False Lashes mascara by Too Faced , its brush has different lengths and makes my lashes look thicker naturally.

2.  Mac Haute and Naughty Lush mascara, as I love their brush, it’s defined and it reaches all the unreachable lashes without making a mess.

3.  My favorite blusher is Amour - peachy pink by Nars, it blends perfectly with my skin, very easy to use and I just love its color.  

4. Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette, it smells great, just like chocolate, it blends perfectly with my skin and it has different shades for options.  

5. My last favorite product is the Naked2 eye-shadow palette by Urban Decay.

Nada Allam “Commercial Manager”:

To me, the best makeup product that I never leave home without is mascara. I really like Benefit ‘They’re Real’, they define my lashes, yet also give them a very natural look.

Amira Motawea “Business Development Executive”: 

I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, but I like to keep three makeup products always in my hand bag.

1.   My all-time favorite eyeliner is INK LINERMatte Liquid Eyeliner by Makeup Forever, it stays on all day and it never smudges. 

2.  Favorite blusher is Peach Blush by Mac, it blends perfectly with my skin.

3.  And last but not least, 'Pink Plaid' lipstick by Mac, it’s the perfect color for a fresh everyday look. 

Nancy Hennes “Senior Arabic Editor”: 

I don’t wear it every day, but my favorite makeup product is Bourjois Flower Perfection Matte Foundation, it’s perfect for my combination skin type. It lasts long and doesn't show any signs of shine even after a few hours.  

Heba AboHemed “Arabic Editor”: 

1. I really like to wear green eyeliner, and my favorite is High Intensity Pigments color truth by L’Oreal, it really brings out the color in my eyes

2.  My favorite lipstick is by Mac Cosmetics called Brave , it really stays on for a long time,  and this color in specific goes with my everyday look.

Sara Khalil “Arabic Content Editor”: 

My favorite is Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, I find the texture very light and it blends easily with my skin. I also like to wear Maybelline Mascara, Colossal Volum' Express, it gives my lashes the volume I like.

Zeinab El-Fiqi “ English Fashion/Features Editor”:

If you open my makeup bag you'll find five makeup products, they basically never leave my bag. 

1. Concealer by Mac, it's perfect for my oily skin, and it blends perfectly with it. 

2. BB cream by Dior, I really like its very light texture, natural coverage and SPF protection. 

3. They're Real mascara by Benefit, it gives my lashes the perfect volume I like. 

4. Smokey Brown Eye Definer eyeliner by The Body Shop, I like smudged eyeliner, and this one is perfect for the job. 

5. Lastly, my favorite bronzer is Honey Bronze by The Body Shop, it goes with my oily skin and it blends perfectly.