An effortless beauty defines the former Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr. Sure she looks drop dead gorgeous on the catwalk and red carpet, but she also looks amazing in her street style. She has come to be known as Miranda Kerr, the mother with effortless style and beauty. We can't all look like Miranda Kerr, but we can sure as hell try. She has a simple yet very effective makeup look, in my opinion it is the perfect makeup look for every day, and extremely simple to switch to a night look. 

1- Start by applying a day moisturizer to your face, giving your skin a smooth yet moist surface. Next apply a foundation that suits your skin best and blend it in completely. No need to apply a lot of foundation, just one simple layer to cover up the spots and even out the rest of your face, remember you are going for a natural look.  

2- Now that you have added the foundation, it's time to add some color to your face. For a flushed look go for a pinkish colored cream blush. Don't rub it into your cheeks, dab it on to your cheeks and cheekbones. Tap gently focusing on the apples of your cheek the most. 

3- It's time to focus on your eyes. Remember the key is to create a no makeup look, so apply one coat of shimmery off-white eyeshadow to your eyelids. After applying the eye-shadow it's time for mascara. Be sure to go for two coats, elongating your leashes and emphasizes the beauty of your eyes. 

4- Finally the lips. For this makeup look, the lips complete the entire look. You want to go for a preachy/red colored gloss. That way you are giving you lips a splash of color and a hint of shine, thus illuminating your face. 

Tip: Be sure to go for long lasting makeup products. That way you can avoid any T-zone mishaps and your face will have that glowing feel to it all day long.