You all remember Parisian beauty Clemence Posey from Harry Potter. If not, then you must have seen her in Gossip Girl with Chuck Bass. Today I will be focusing on the Parisian morning no makeup-makeup look, and for the next feature I'll tell you all about the night time look.

So the Parisian everyday makeup look is simple, but involves quite a few products. All your colors will with be a shade of pale pink or nude.


1. The base is the most important step. Pick the perfect foundation matching with your skin tone, the trick is to give off the impression that you are not wearing a base at all.

2. Next is the eyelids. If you are going for French day look, you can kiss your eyeliner goodbye. The key is to accentuate your eyes, draw up their best features. Pick a pale pink eyeshadow, and go over your eye lids. 

Tip: I would recommend putting a drop of foundation on your eyelids, then applying the eye-shadow. It will last longer and eliminate the powdery feeling to it.

3. Next is the mascara. Since you won't be using eyeliner, be sure to go for a good and effective mascara. Apply two coats of black mascara to your eye lashes. 

4. The lips will say it all.You want to find the perfect shade of nude/pinkish color. First use a neutral lip shiner as a base. Next apply a very light coat of nude lipstick. Next you will need a light pink colored lipstick. Use a lip brush for this or your finger, and begin to smudge some color into your nude lips. 

Voila, you have yourself a very french makeup look for the day.

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