Bronzer is one makeup product that most women rarely apply well. The right bronzer shade will highlight your tan and give you the perfect sun-kissed look. A very common misconception about bronzers, is that most women mistake it with blusher. A bronzer is not a blusher. A layer of bronzer is rather applied over your blusher in a very little amount, just to give your skin a natural tanned look.

The first thing you should consider before purchasing a bronzer, is its shade. Bronzers may seem like the same shade to you, just because they all give the same effect. But, you should opt for a bronzer that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone, so it blends well when you apply it. Also there are two types of bronzers; glittery and matte. I honestly prefer matte over glittery, as it's super natural and doesn't look like a fake tan.

Your bronzer should have a separate brush of its own. The bronzer brush is usually thicker with more hair, it's more rounded and bigger in size than your usual blush brush. 

How to apply bronzer properly?

1. Make sure to have the perfect makeup base before applying bronzer. Cover any skin imperfections or dark spots by using the right foundation.

2. After you apply your blusher, now it's time to highlight your face using the bronzer brush. You should only apply bronzer on the spots in your face that sun naturally hits, like your nose, cheek bones, forehead and chin. 

3. Make sure to put bronzer with a very light-hand and in only a fair amount.

4. If you want your tanned makeup look to stay a little bit longer, spritz on some makeup sealer and enjoy your sexy look.

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