False eyelashes can either make you look incredibly sexy or leave you with a total sticky mess. Applying false eyelashes will definitely make your eyelashes look thicker, your eyes look bolder, and your makeup look way more polished. In order to save yourself the time and effort you could spend on applying fake eyelashes, here are the right steps to apply false eyelashes:

1. Before you do anything, make sure that the color, thickness and length of the fake eyelashes match yours. If the false eyelashes are just too long, cut them around the corners using tiny scissors before application. When the false eyelashes are too long or too thick, they might stick or they could drop off and harm your eyes.

2. Because fake eyelashes might tend to be abnormally straightened, you might need to hold both ends of the eyelashes and put them together in a curved 'C' shape for a couple of seconds. This way, the fake eyelashes will loosen up a little bit and will make the application process easier.

3. One very important thing you need to consider, is to pick the right glue for your eyes. If you have sensitive eyes, then head to your nearest drugstore and opt for a glue that is made for sensitive skin. Also, if you don't prefer the white eyelash glue that comes with your fake eyelashes kit, many makeup brands have black eyelash glue that's sold separately. 

4. Prepare your eyelids well so they're free from makeup. After you're done, make sure to stay steady because it's time for applying the glue. You must first apply a very thin line of glue on your eyelids on your eyelashes line, as if you're applying eyeliner. In case you have shaky hands, you can apply glue directly on the lining/strip of the fake eyelashes using a cotton earbud.

5. Having cotton earbuds next to you is essential, as they will aid you while applying the lashes. Line up the false eyelashes properly so they're really close to the roots of your real lashes. Aim for not touching your eyelids at all. Both glue and fake eyelashes must sit properly on the base of your lash line. After applying, keep your eyes open and leave it to dry in place for a couple of seconds. 

6. Once you placed both lashes and the glue completely dries, applying eyeliner (preferably liquid) gently on your eyelids is essential to fill any gaps or to cover the white glue.

7. A great tip to make both your real lashes and fake ones blend together, is to apply mascara and your eyes will look as natural as ever.

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