Recently had a super stylish haircut? Well, it's about time to make some changes to your makeup routine as well. With a bang or a fringe, your eyes and lips tend to standout more. Here’s how to apply the perfect makeup to go with your bangs.

1. Purchase a darker and richer mascara than the one you already use, to draw extra attention to your eyes, lengthen your lashes, and make your eyes standout.

2. Opt for glittery eyeshadow/eyeliner, as they make your eyes look bigger. Try applying eyeshadow/eyeliner from the inner to outer corners of your lower eyelids. Make sure they blend well too.

3. If you are heading for a party, try out the smokey eyes look. It will flatter your eyes, since the bangs usually hit right at your brows and covers them.

4. Your lips should stay neutral and not oh-so-bold. Bangs tend to make your face look smaller, as they cover your entire forehead. Go for light pinky shades in order not to draw the attention away from your eyes. If you want to wear a bold lipstick, then wear simple eye makeup. Balance.

5. Enhance your eye shape through applying winged eyeliner. Cat eyes look simply perfect with bangs. A winged eyeliner on your upper eyelids will round up your entire makeup and hairstyle. Try it out!

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